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Ron Tool and The Capitalists' most recent end-run around the Facts of Reality 
occurred at Paychecks Lounge in Hamtramck, MI on Saturday, January 19,
2013, as part of DjetFest 2013, with The Audionics, Space Band, and guest
appearances by members of Immigrant Sons and Granfalloon!

 The Ferndale gig at The New Way Bar was, as expected,
a party of rock & roll proportions, with
classic punk band CIA, 
and avante rock band The Audionics
playing massively potent sets, 
and only a handful of technical difficulties
to keep everyone's ears pricked up.  

Thank you to all who attended - we look forward to
getting into your head on January 19 at Djetfest!

The Throbbing Prawn Video is still online at:
... watch it and elevate our View Count ... you know you want to!

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Ron Tool And The Capitalists are: 



Ron Tool - Lead Vocals

John E. Hett - Acoustic 6 & 12-String Guitars

Joe Montenegro - Banjo, Cello, Guitar

Robert Nasir - Electric Guitar, Sitar, Backing Vocals

Amy Nasir - Bass, Backing Vocals

Matt Chapman - Drums



 Chip Kipps - Lead Guitar on "Stretched"

A. D. Dee - Organ

Jeff Hett - Acoustic Guitar and Backing Vocals on "Chainsaw"

David "Skip" Heverly - Bongo Fury on "Throbbing Prawn"

Leo Gillis - Backing Vocals on "Eventually's A Mystery"



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