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The Liberty Street Brewing Company gig was a complete Rock and Roll Blowout.
The room was full, the crowd was stoked, and Ron Tool was in top form.  With
A.D.D. in the spotlight on organ, the incomparable Chip Kipps joining us on
guitar for the encore presentation of Red Threat, the  Cosmic Bike in the air
and on the mic, Jeff Hett wielding Chainsaw with panache, and much, much
more mayhem than is legal to discuss publically, the tour kick-off simply kicked
ass in every direction.  

Thank you'se all, to every god'm friend and fiend, fan and fam', and OSHA inspector
in the room ... we'll see you all on the 8th in Ferndale, MI!

Ron Tool And The Capitalists Dec 8 2012

The Throbbing Prawn Video is still online at:
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Ron Tool And The Capitalists are: 



Ron Tool - Lead Vocals

John E. Hett - Acoustic 6 & 12-String Guitars

Joe Montenegro - Banjo, Cello, Guitar

Robert Nasir - Electric Guitar, Sitar, Backing Vocals

Amy Nasir - Bass, Backing Vocals

Matt Chapman - Drums



 Chip Kipps - Lead Guitar on "Stretched"

A. D. Dee - Organ

Jeff Hett - Acoustic Guitar and Backing Vocals on "Chainsaw"

David "Skip" Heverly - Bongo Fury on "Throbbing Prawn"

Leo Gillis - Backing Vocals on "Eventually's A Mystery"



All songs 2012 by Ron Tool and the Capitalists