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Punk Is Right


Ron Tool & The Capitalists
perform for the first time at
the Majestic's Garden Bowl!
"The oldest continuously operating bowling alley in the country!"

- = -
with Special Guests: The Derricks!
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Wednesday Night, December 9, 2015

Ron Tool & The Capitalists' announce
the 7" vinyl release

Punk Is Right
four tracks of tasty tunes including
the new hit single, He Who Must Die

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more information on special events!

NEW! It's the What's That Goo? 
promo video!
Click it for Goo Gone Wild!

NEW! It's the What's That Goo? promo video!



The album sampler is available as an 
MP3 file, for your downloading pleasure, here:

The Throbbing Prawn video is now on
Videos Page!  
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Phoenetic Records

What?  You haven't purchased the oil & dead tree version of Ron Tool and The Capitalists' True Tales Of Dereliction yet? WTF? Get thee hence!

For your convenience,
here, yes, right here,
is the link to the CD at Amazon.com!

... And CD Baby, baby!

Yes, of course you can buy the MP3's instead!

Get True Tales of Dereliction from iTunes!

And stream from Spotify!

And yeah, Ron Tool and The Capitalists are
on Facebook!

Heck, you could probably find MP3's somewhere
online for the low,
low price of nothing,
but of course, you want 
the fine album art
to go with it ... including the most excellent 
cover art by Visual Defects ... assuming
the art house hasn't
 already posted it online!

So support your local tool!

November 17,
2012 at Liberty
Street Brewing
Plymouth, MI

December 8,
2012, at the
New Way Bar in
 Ferndale, MI.

January 19 2012
including The
Audionics, CIA &
 Ron Tool and
The Capitalists
at Paychecks
Hamtramck, MI

March 16, 2013
The John E. Hett,
a.k.a. Ron Tool 
50th Birthday &
the 30th Annual
Birthday Boys
Plymouth Elks
Club, Plymouth,
MI starting at
4:00 p.m

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Ron Tool
& The Capitalists
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Ron Tool Loves
Your Ass!

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July 19, 2013 at
River's Edge Gallery
is properly memorialized
and documented on
the videos page!